We will join C-TOUCH at 11/25~11/27
Welcome to our booth at E330 in C-TOUCH
Welcome to our booth at E330 in C-TOUCH

YICHEEN Technology Co., Ltd.joined the Touch Taiwan held in Taipei, Taiwan and we learnd a lot of new knowledge there. To broaden our horizons and serve the customers from other countries, YICHEEN will participate in the Shenzhen International Touchscreen Exhibition held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center of Shenzhen, China on November 25-27. We expect to be sophisticated in this exhibition and invest these knowledge and technology to R & D, in order to supply customers with the most advanced products and services.
At the same time, to give you a better environment for visiting our machines, YICHEEN’s Machines are displayed in our factory. We cordially invite you to visit our factory.
If you have any needs, our better reception and information will be at the booth E330. We are looking forward to your arrival.

In addition to the exhibition information, we recommend the EDR all-electric precision-servo stamping cutting machine (grinding cutting machine) which is compact, fully functional, and with high return on investment for your reference.
Welcome to visit our factory or exhibition for contact.

Introduce of EDR series:


YICHEEN researches and develops the EDR series to meet customers’ needs and win multiple advantages:
1. We create the EDR series of LCD panel punching machines with various sizes and the maximum cutting area is up to 1500x1500mm to allow you to select in diversification.
2. Compared with the traditional hydraulic cutting rate, the rate of the EDR series is 80 times per minute, with a continuous high speed of full-cut or semi-cut processing, significantly enhancing the effectiveness 2.5 times without wasting your valuable time.
3. The all-electric operation are used, which is simple, clear, and allows high-precision fine-tuning to enhance the quality of the finished product.
4. High-precision mold height fine-tuning control can be independently adjusted by the microcomputer screen to rapidly complete blade adjustment and improve the utilization rate of production.
5. Precision steel punching counterpoint allows quick and accurate mold changes. The blade template size can be arbitrarily replaced. The die wear is little to make useful life longed and to reduce the loss of waste.
6. Special transmission equipment is equipped. When the die cutter reaches the cutting dead point, the cutting speed would be slowed sown, making a smooth cutting action and the finished produce with no flash or extrusion marks to improve the product yield.
7. The machine is installed with security fence and switches to protect the operator and reduce the chances of the occurrence of dangerous accidents.
8. Compared to the traditional hydraulic machine, the EDR series can save more than 30% of energy, lower noise pollution, and improve transmission effectiveness. The EDR series can be applied in not only the general factory but also the cleanroom.

We hope EDR to be more in line with your needs. Thus, we research and develop the customized equipment for your purchase, such as the receipt stacking mechanism system and the discharge mechanism system (the axial type and the none axis type), etc. The die reversing mechanism is also optional to facilitate accurately replacing the die cutter, reduce your work complicated degrees, and enhance efficiency.
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