The latest technology of YICHEEN has set a milestone of cutting machines
YICHEEN sincerely invite you to visit our booth in Plastindia

As the new year coming, YICHEEN has already prepared for the exhibition to learn and enhance our knowledge and technology.
We will dispatch our professionals to attend the well-known exhibition in Plastindia.
It will be held from February 5th to 10th. YICHEEN will provide the gorgeous service to you.
YICHEEN sincerely invite you to visit our booth. We are looking forward to sharing the information to you.
Please always feel free to share your precious opinions with us.

As the technology improving rapidly, the vertical slitting machine performs perfect as a simple and clear fact

YICHEEN puts in time and energy on vertical slitting machine to raise the production.
High speed efficiency production at 1 -200 M/min.
Meanwhile, the EPC device has been applied to maintain the position and direction to achieve better quality.
Through high quality and high efficiency, S2M-V series will become your best choice.

S2M-V Series Description:
  • Rewind speed 1M~200M/minute.
  • Duplex rewinder (Leaf type).
  • Equipped with manual micro location offset tension controller, tension value digitally display, increase tension control precision and stable.
  • Equipped with EPC position control to ensure accurate slitting position.
  • Equipped with flat razor or circular shear cutter in accordance with material character.
  • Rewind section equipped with meter reached auto stop function.
  • Equipped with pneumatic press roller on re-winder to eliminate the air go into rewind film and avoid film slip.
  • Microcomputer controller for maximum operation convenience and accuracy.