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Rewinder Machine

Rewinder Machine
Optional Mechanism

Optional Mechanism:

Material life up mechanism, Auto label attaching device, Unwind noise eliminator device, Scrap device


To cut the variety of tape rolls   e.g.: double-sided tape, masking tape, PET, PE, release liners/paper, Mylar…etc. with or without adhesive base material.

  • Roll Film


  • The unwind set is continuum type to save using space and operation in convenience.
  • Equipped with full auto tension control and surface press roller to unwind material roll running through smoothly.
  • Rewind is by center type and surface rewinding method; to adapt different material rewind demand.
  • Full auto rewinding control system. While the set length reached, rewind roll changed automatically.
  • Operate by PLC control system, equipped with electrical control system conform to CE standard.


Model R2R
Available Width 1.3M/1.6M
Max. Unwind Diameter 800mm
Max. Rewind Diameter 250~800mm
Un/Rewind Shaft Diameter 76.2mm
Machine Speed 15-180M

Specifications are subject to change without notice for design improvement.

The specification can be designed by customers demand.