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Company History
In 1985 Yicheen successfully developed the frozen rubber cutting machine. This had a large range of uses including sole cutting, this helped to increase company efficiency.
1990 Brought about our new design leather cutting machine. With this new development our mold could now be used for continuous cutting.
1991 Saw some big changes in the way our ‘pusher’ machine put our material into the cutting device. Smoother placement again meant better efficiency. Coupled with this we also updated our conveyor system. This helped to deliver products to our cutting machines in a more productive manner.
Reforming the "Conveyor for sheet materials", perfect for cutting machines.
It was a few years before we had any major developments, but in 1997 we discovered more ways to improve our machinery. This time the focus was on the structure of the rubber injection machine reverse anti-buffer valve. This helped to prevent an awkward flow of materials into the feed channel.
The 2000’s saw an even greater pace in the innovations that we developed. It was 2002 in which we updated our die molds with a wider mouth so that it could be used for precision blow molding machines.
Here we overseen the successful application of the servo system and by using this technology we developed our own servo cutting machine. This cutting equipment gave us more power and improved performance.
2006 saw our traditional hydraulic cutting machine, replaced by a crank type cutting machine. This gave us a faster and more accurate cutting method. The data-based operation that this machine used also made operation easier and gave us better control.
In 2007 we participated in the “CITD Development Plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs”. With their knowledge and support we were able to launch the all-electric precision servo cutting machine.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs, helped us with their “SBIR” subsidy. This was to promote the development of high precision crankshaft film cutting machines” and we managed to successfully develop this.
The main achievements in 2010 were improving the stacking system of the solar film EVA cutting equipment and improving the design of the automatic punching device for our slicing machine. This enabled us to use the same machine to complete the line cutting, punching, tiling and stacking process.


The ministry of economic affairs again recognized the contributions we have made to the industry and helped us to fund the development of our High Precision Optical Film Cutting Equipment.
2013 saw us develop the industry leading CCD three-axis positioning die-cutting machine. This used a degree of bias in order to adjust the cutting range that is use in thin electronic film cutting. Our equipment is so precise that even Apple Mac decided to use our film within their laptops.